A vibrant home to free, pop-up content that explores everything from spoken word, sex and wellbeing to mental health, sustainability, politics and social justice.  

A place to share, discuss and explore hot topics, add your voice to the conversation and hear from artists, creatives, changemakers and other young people who are influencing the causes that matter. 

A safe and relaxed space for creativity, connection and community, and a platform for all voices to feel empowered. 

A hub for unique experiences and one-off moments. A place to be inspired through discussion, debate and performance, laugh-out-loud with friends, and meet the biggest names and trailblazing new voices.  

A place to try out something new. Through short talks, discussion groups, workshops, spoken word, comedy, music and more, we’re creating bold content alongside young people in our community and beyond.  

Ideas change the world

What change would you like to see? 

Through its events and activities, VOICEBOX is helping to shape the future.  

We're taking the temperature on global ideas and issues that are important right now. From policymaking that impacts young people and future generations through the VOICEBOX Youth Voice Report, to widening opportunities in the creative industries and improving access to culture.   

By creating a place for young people to share their voice with industry experts and those in positions of influence, we’re ensuring the most important conversations are amplified and that everyone has a seat at the table.  

Have your say, get your voice heard and make a difference.  

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Join us at Cheltenham Literature Festival 2024, and on our Instagram and TikTok channels @VOICEBOX___ year-round.  

A huge thank you for how you and the wider team have championed smaller voices like mine, and how you continue to support up and coming creatives with all the work you're doing.

Monika Radojavek, VOICEBOX speaker